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Microfiber cloths should never be applied to car paint like a feather duster. The small dust and dirt particles on the paint can lead to scratches.

Therefore we recommend using the microfibre cloth in combination with a detailer to remove annoying dust and dirt particles.

Divide the car into an upper and a lower zone (2-zone technique).
You start by cleaning the upper zone and work all the way around. After that you start with the lower zone.

Important! Use a separate wash mitt for each of the two zones.
This ensures that the coarse dirt doesn’t pass from the lower zone to the upper zone. Furthermore, the dirt in the lower zone is already softened and loosened by the washing water flowing down. The coarser dirt can no longer cause hairline scratches on the paint in the upper zone.

So that you can keep the wash mitts apart even after washing in the washing machine, our wash mitts are easy to distinguish by the different cuff colors and ideal for the 2-zone techniquec.

The 2-bucket washing technique is an absolute must if you want to prevent micro-scratches from dirt that has already been washed off.

One bucket is filled with clear water, the other with car shampoo and water. The washing mitt is first dipped into the bucket with the car shampoo, and then the car is cleaned in straight lines, from top to bottom.
As soon as the washing glove no longer gives off car shampoo or is dirty, the mitt is first immersed in the bucket with clear water and only then again in the bucket with the car shampoo. This will prevent the dirt from settling into the clear water bucket and not contaminating the other bucket. This reduces the risk of micro scratches due to dirt particles on the car.

Microfiber products

All microfiber cloths can be washed in the washing machine as usual. However, it is very important to don’t use a fabric softener! Fabric softener contains greasy ingredients that lie on the individual microfibers. This prevents the absorption of moisture and dirt and thus severely limits the actual function of the microfiber cloths.

We recommend washing microfibre cloths at 40°C, because lower temperature increases the life of the cloths. Microfiber cloths are atracting lints of other fabrics when washed together with other fabrics. It is therefore advisable to wash the microfiber towels separately.

After washing, the wet cloths should be heavily shaked out to separate the individual fine microfibers. After the towels are dry, repeat this process to keep the towels fluffy for a long time. Alternatively, microfiber cloths can also be dried in the tumble dryer on a gentle cycle.

For the best result from the first application, we recommend washing microfiber cloths before the first use, in order to be 100% lint-free and to remove any production residues. After this the towels will get the maximum cleaning power.

The high quality of our microfiber cloths means that they can be reused almost indefinitely as long as they are washed and used according to the instructions.

Rinse the wash mitt under running water and remove all the coarse dirt by hand. Then the washing glove can also be washed in the washing machine according to the washing instructions (40 ° C without fabric softener)

Clay bar

The clay bar can be used on all smooth surfaces such as paint, glass or spotlights.

Dirt particles such as spots of film rust, insect remains, resin, tar and brake dust can be removed.

The clay bar becomes softer due to higher temperatures and is therefore easier to work with.

The clay bar is placed in warm water for 5 minutes. The supplied box is ideal for this.

The clay bar and the Lube are sufficient for several applications. It is important to pre-wash the vehicle thoroughly.

The nanoClay cleaning set can also be used for wrapped cars. However, the cleaning bar must not be used on matt wraps or matt paint or coatings.

TheLube and also the clay bar are sufficient for several applications on a mid-range car. Diluting is therefore not necessary and is generally not recommended.

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I have been using various microfibre cloths from Aurum-Performance for over a year and I use them as dry and polishing cloths. As a professional car detailer, I have had many microfiber cloths in my hand and no other cloths can match the quality of these towels. I can only recommend the microfiber cloths to anyone who values their car.

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