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Car Care products in highest Quality

Free microfiber cloths 800 worth 15,95€

You get our first-class microfibre cloths 800 for free at Aurum-Performance.

Your shopping cart only has to reach a value of 69€. The high-quality microfiber cloths will be added to your shopping cart automatically and completely free of charge.

Microfasertuch Anwendung

Simply stand out

When you wash and care your beloved car, it’s more than just a clean car. It is the passion for your car and the love of detailing.

It is a special feeling when you own a car that is shining.

Because everyone knows it: A perfectly detailed car just stands out.


Made for the perfect car care

The excellent car care products from Aurum-Performance are specially developed for car care and lays the foundation for a professional car care.

Thanks to years of know-how in car care, we have been able to develop sophisticated and high-quality car care products to make car care on your vehicle as pleasant and efficient as possible.

You will notice the difference and your car will be greatful!

Audi RS4 trocknen

What customers say about us:

I ordered the microfiber cloths from Aurum-Performance because I was not 100% satisfied with my previous ones. The removal of the wax and the drying of the car was very quick with these microfiber cloths. Absolutely lint-free! I will definitely reorder again.

Car lover

I have been using various microfibre cloths from Aurum-Performance for over a year and I use them as dry and polishing cloths. As a professional car detailer, I have had many microfiber cloths in my hand and no other cloths can match the quality of these towels. I can only recommend the microfiber cloths to anyone who values their car.

professional car detailer

The 110% quality promise from Aurum-Performance

We are convinced of the excellent quality and outstanding performance of our products.

If our products do not achieve the desired performance, or if you are not completely satisfied with them, then we will refund you 110% of the purchase price – 10% more than you paid.

So you can’t go wrong with your order! What are you waiting for?!

You can find more information of the quality promise here!